Scientific research reveals why wine ratings and recommendations fail so often

Everyone has a different sense of smell. Taste is mostly determined by smell.


“Each of the individuals examined had a unique genotypic [odor receptor] pattern.” –Menashe et. al, Nature Genetics

A description and a rating will be accurate only if you are genetically “calibrated” with the reviewer.

  • No smell = no taste.

  • 80% to 95% of ”taste” comes from odor receptors (ORs)

  • Human genome codes 1,000+ genes for ORs

  • Only about 350-400 of those ORs are active in the average human.

  • But almost no one has the same set of active ORs

  • “Different noses for different people” – Nature Genetics paper (left)

  • Result: Of 189 people genotyped, NONE has the same of odor-related genes.

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