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Amazon’s recommendations are amazingly lame! And Here’s why.

Nothing I like better than getting a recommendation for something I just bought. Happens all the time with Amazon Simple logic: IF bought recently, THEN omit from recommendations If the AMZN recommender had a double-digit IQ, it would recognize that I buy this hand lotion periodically and send me a link when it estimates I […]

Why ratings and reviews fail (A beginning of understanding)

The promise (and pitfalls) of current recommendation engines (collaborative filtering) THE PROBLEM: Welcome to the Vino Casino WINE IS HARD TO LIKE Wine is hard to like Can I learn to like wine? Wine is too hard to like How Science Saved Me from Pretending to Love Wine PROFILING INCOMPATIBILITY: Profile Matching How sensory taste […]

Retronasal perception of odors is often overlooked as a key metric

. 2012 Nov 5;107(4):484-7. doi: 10.1016/j.physbeh.2012.03.001. Epub 2012 Mar 8. Retronasal Perception of Odors Viola Bojanowski  1 , Thomas Hummel Affiliations PMID: 22425641 DOI: 10.1016/j.physbeh.2012.03.001 Abstract We perceive odors orthonasally during sniffing; in contrast, we perceive odors retronasally during eating when they enter the nose through the pharynx. There are clear differences between orthonasal and retronasal […]

The promise (and pitfalls) of current recommendation engines

NOTE: You can right-click all images to view a larger version. Left-click to go to data source.  Value As arbitrary as they often seem, “35 percent of what consumers purchase on Amazon come from recommendations” —  McKinsey The big disconnect While people value good recommendations, most (7%) rarely click on one from a site because […]

Mouth bacteria: one more reason that individuals’ taste perception differs (especially from sip & spit experts)

Study shows some wine aromatics aren’t released until they meet the bacteria in our mouths “At least 700 bacterial species live in our saliva, on our teeth and on all the interior surfaces of our mouths. “For this study, sponsored by Spain’s Institute of Food Science Research in Madrid and published in the journal Food […]